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Organized and annotated web links to a wide variety of geology topics with photographs, information and resources on the world-wide web


US Geological Survey (
Geological Society of America (
American Association of Petroleum Geologist (
American Geological Institute (
American Geophysical Union (
Royal Geological Society (UK) (
National Park Service (
Discovery Education (
State of Arkansas (
Louisiana Geological Survey (
Discovery channel (
Public Broadcasting System (
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (
Geological Society of Australia (
Geoscience Australia (
British Geological Survey (
Houston Museum of Natural Science (
Mineralogical Society (
Field Museum (
The Fossil Museum (
Paleontology Society (
Museum of the Earth (
The Paleo Portal (
National Weather Service (
NRCS (Soils) (
Oregon State (volcanoes) (


Commercial / Independent sites

Mineral Information Institute (
Rodney's (





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