Professional Organization and Museum Earth Sciences Web Links

Organized and annotated web links to a wide variety of geology topics with photographs, information and resources on the world-wide web


Professional Organization/Societies:

Geological Society of America: interests over a broad range of geological specialties (
Society of Sedimentary Geologist: interests in sedimentary rocks, modern sediments, and sedimentary processes. (
American Association of Petroleum Geologist: interests in sedimentary geology and geochemistry related to the production of oil and gas. (
American Geophysical Union: interests in physical processes in geology including plate tectonics. (
American Geological Institute: federation of geological groups (
National Ground Water Association (
Paleontology Society (
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (primarily college level) (



Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (
American Museum of Natural History (New York) (
Houston Museum of Natural Science (
The Field Museum (Chicago) (
Museum of the Earth (
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (
Peabody Museum (Yale university) (
Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh) (


International Organizations:

Royal Geological Society (United Kingdom) (
Geological Society of Australia (





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